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Pete Rock x Stussy x Marvel Comics

Coming fresh off the Stussy x Marvel launch party in L.A., DJ/Producer/Rapper/Hip Hop Legend Pete Rock talks about his love of comics and its connection to the hip-hop community. Check it out!


Beastie Boys - Fight For Your Right Revisited!!

This is such an amazing video! Every start known to man is in this 30-min video. Check it!


Its only fitting that the duo from Queensbridge, NY make a comeback after the prison release of Prodigy. Here's the new offering from the infamous Mobb Deep..MUST GO HARD! Take it in!

MOBB DEEP - Must Go Hard


Muttpop - Tequila "Classico"

I've always loved the character design for this dude! Check it out!


Enter one, enter all to the playground of the oldest form of entertainment!

Amaze the senses and lose yourself in the Twisted Circus; a “see and be seen” event seizing the attention of the audience through fashion, makeup, entertainment, art, music, photography, food & beverage and interaction from start to end, leaving an everlasting impression!

The “Twisted Circus” will engage and entertain the audience through the five senses by twisting the novelty of art and entertainment of the 21st century with the deviant fame of the circus.

A Night Of Spectacular
A Night Of Elegance
A Night You Do NOT Want To Miss

Check the official Twisted Circus website for more info!

Hawken, Gameplay ^_^

One Piece x Theater8 Diorama by mastermind JAPAN

This would make a nice office ornament.

Back in the Days! x Jonathan Mannion Exhibition @ La Bellevilloise Episode #2

Something iLL I stumbled upon. Check it out...

Back in the Days : 27 Mars à La Bellevilloise , Episode #2 from Nadim33 on Vimeo.


Hawken Trailer (work in progress)

this has to be one of the best looking environments i have seen lately. I am just inspired right now!

New Era X The Coca-Cola Drink Company!!

New Era and the good folks at Coca Cola teamed up to create something ILL!! Check it!

Nate Dogg (August 19, 1969 - March 15, 2011) - R.I.P.

One of the saddest moments in hip hop happened yesterday when Hip-Hop/R&B crooner, Nate Dogg passed away in his home of Long Beach, California. The cause of his death is still unknown. The was known to have health problems in the past, having suffered two strokes.

Nate Dogg will always be remembered as one of the originators of G-Funk, his smooth-yet-raw melodies, and his unforgettable hooks. He will be sadly missed by members of the hip-hop community.

Colour Me Documentary - A MUST SEE!!

Just the trailer itself is just as powerful as the film itself. I can't wait 'till this drops. Hopefully its strong enough to put an end to this whole "what is black?" thing.

Stussy shows Toronto love with "Hoods" projects!

I need to get me one of these. I'm definitely feeling the grey one! Check it out!


Tron Uprising

Made In Italy: About a Thread

The Art of Rap

Audience Calibration Procedure

Nike: The Black Mamba

Dior Homme Sweat High Sneaker

I want these.... :D


adidas Originals Valentine’s Day Top Ten High

These are pretty funky! Check it out!


Superman Classic by Robb Pratt

Animator, Robb Pratt put together this Superman short which is heavily inspired by the old Superman radio shows from the 40s. Check it out!

To see more of Robb Pratt's work - Click Here!

EK by New Era 2011 Spring/Summer Collection

These hats are off the hook!! Hats off to New Era for cooking these up! (get it??? Hat's off?? ha..ha.. ha..ha..guess it wasn't that funny)


Double 2 Finger Chain Rings

Available at Etsy


Here's another iLL Throwback from "Queen of Pop" (to MJ's King), Janet Jackson with the single "Dream Street". Not a lot people remember this one. This record was released while Janet was still discovering her sound, amidst all the Thriller/Victory Tour hype that surrounded her brother, Michael (not to mention recording music under her father's rule). This was also released during her stint of the show FAME in the mid 80s. Though it was a solid pop record, it didn't make the same impact her brothers did, with their hits. But that didn't matter because she would go on to make many platinum records years later (Control, Rhythm Nation 1814, janet, and list goes on).

I go on forever about Ms. Jackson, but let's check the video shall we??

NBA All Star Jersey 2011 by Adidas

Tiny Origami Stars Vial Necklace

Lonely Island X Nicki Minaj - THE CREEP!!!

Andy Samberg and Co. do "THE CREEP" with Nicki Minaj (such a hottie..especially with those glasses..haha). Check it!


Vans Vault Mid Skool 77

IBM Centennial Film: 100 X 100

This I believe is important to know.

Supra Bandit Spring 2011

 I gotta say Supra has a nice style. 

NES Coffee Table!!

I thought this was sooo cool! Stumbled upon this while skimming my buddy TaurMonster's blog!

Daft Punk TRON: Legacy Kubrick Toys

Nike Dunk Hi Supreme “Pinstripe”

It is now available from Proper.

Gobi & Bill – Animated Fun for Zblu Cops

Apparently, this is a trailer for a French comic called Zblu Cops. The animation is amazing, but comes off kinda random near the end...hahaha. Check it out!

Source: Vinyl Pulse


Awesome video! Makes me proud to be a Torontonian!

Nike Dunk High Premium

I've always been a fan of the denim-ish shoes!


adidas Originals Campus 80s “Waterproof”

I really just admire the simplistic look of it and the waterproof  fabric it has.  Also how the tongue has no logo, makes it very sleek.
Source: Crooked Tongues

New Era Hats




Steampunk Key Necklace

Creative Necklace Design by Steampunk Movement Studio

Available at Etsy

Nike Sportswear “Microstripe” Air Force 1

Available now at Kix-Files.

Kobe Bryant 6

Design was inspired by his nickname "Black Mamba"

ILL THROWBACK - Self Destruction (Courtesy of Boogie Down Productions) - circa 1989

This iLL Throwback comes courtesy of KRS One's Boogie Down Productions, in wake of a murder of a young fan during a BDP/Public Enemy concert. I wish more rappers were on this tip nowadays. Enjoy!

The Making of WeSC Denim

adidas Originals Metro Attitude Logo

Nike 2011 Black History Month Pack

Z-Type: HTML5, Typing Shoot'em Up

instead of pointing and shooting, ur typing the words attached to them,  like typing of the dead basically.
the game is good!! check it out!

Naughty by Nature - Flags (starring Ice-T and Marc John Jefferies)

A video with a positive message. Something I came across this video on HYPETRAK


Just thought this was an awesome picture XD and it sort of relates to the kind of stuff we post here hehe

 check out his tumblr site

Nike Air Royal Mid Spring 2011 » nike-air-royal-mid-sneakers-6

Tron x 8Bit

Machete AKA Danny Trejo in Lipton BRISK Story

Lipton BRISK is bringing back their claymation commercials. This one features Danny Trejo (better known as Machete!) Check it out!

ILL THROWBACK - Brian Bennett - Solstice

HAPPY NEW YEAR Y'ALL!! Here's my first iLL ThrowBack for 2011!!

So, As I was uploading music to my phone, I came across the track Lord, Lord, Lord by Kanye. I started thinking: Where did Kanye get that dope sample?

Well here's where he got it:

An artist by a British musician named Brian Bennett. The track is called 'Solstice'. A nice midnight listen if you ask me.

mastermind JAPAN x Enhance Element x THE BLACK SENSE MARKET Sneaker

Pierre Hardy Suede Ankle Sneakers

peekaboo ^^

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