Kanye West's Runaway

This is the full film and i don't think it's gonna stay online for long.

I watched the whole thing and from my perspective i was very judgemental about it watching it. It was an artsy film but it tried to keep a concept that is still a easy to see story structure. It was actually straight forward the visuals were great of course. Selita Ebanks which was the Phoenix that falls to earth, was actually great and absolutely beautiful. Kanye's acting is terrible but i kinda knew that already. I have to say I thought i was gonna hate it but i actually liked it. The sets were great it didn't get all twisted and stuff. At the end of the day i understood the story and it didn't try to tell me something else. He's always wanted to make music that was like a soundtrack, and some producers would just be a part of a movie's soundtrack. But Kanye wanted to make his own movie then put his whole album as the soundtrack. I love that Idea, and i think he pulled it off quite well. I still love your work Kanye!

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